Thursday, 26 October 2017

We Want To Be Our Moms

When I was little, I always dreamed of being a housewife. I remember looking at my mom and adoring her, thinking that one day I want to be just like her. I remember how she was always there for me and my siblings when we were growing up, every milestone, every moment, good and bad. I remember how she taught us quran everyday, helped us with our homework, read us stories of the sahabahs before bedtime, cooked us all sorts of delicious meals and treats, brought us to the park and played with us, and basically took care of our everyday needs. I remember thinking to myself, this is exactly the kind of mom I want to be when I grow up (an educated, fun mom & housewife).

My mom graduated with a degree in microbiology from Brock University, Canada. She got married while she was still studying and had her first baby at 22(sometime after her convocation). She didn't enter the workforce but she did all sorts of side businesses while raising SEVEN children. How could I not adore her for that, right?

I worked as a lecturer for 4 years, and in the one-year-plus time that I was a working mother, honestly I was a miserable working mother. I think I didn't function well as a working mother. It made me unhappy leaving my child everyday at that age. After I gave birth to my second baby, Qomar, I left my job to be a housewife because I knew that would restore my happiness somehow. A year after, my son was diagnosed with autism. Indeed Allah is the best planner. I knew I had made the right decision because I trusted my instinct that my children really needed me. I don't regret a single moment sacrificing my job. I was happy that I could give my full attention to my children, especially knowing that Juhd needed special care.

I think we all grow up observing how our parents(our mom especially) bring us up and it shapes our characters tremendously. It's exactly the same for children who grew up with working moms, there is no doubt they adore their working mom the same because they know and witnessed how hard their mom worked to give the best for her children and still spent time with her kids to keep them happy. I think any child who grew up with a working mom would want the same for their children. Every mom only wants happiness for their children and all decisions are made to suit THEIR family and what works for THEM. I think a lot of times people fail to see that everyone lives under different circumstances and have different family dynamics. Naturally as mothers, we make decisions that are best for US and OUR family. What we feel is best for our family, isn't necessarily the best and works for other families. Some moms function better when they are working a 9-5 job, some moms are at their best working from home, and some moms are genuinely happy just being with their kids fulltime. At the end of the day, we all want our kids to grow up with love and give them the best version of ourselves, and every mom does that in DIFFERENT WAYS.

Thats why I feel like this neverending working mom vs. housewife/WAHM thing is ridiculous. Why are people still trying to compare which one is best. Why can't we just celebrate the fact that WOMEN ALL OVER THE WORLD KICKASS AND ARE AWESOME no matter what we do because we literally can DO IT All. Motherhood alone is hard enough, why are people making it even harder with all the negative judgement. Women should always empower other women, not tear each other apart. Let's be kind to each other. We're all struggling but we're also winning this thing called motherhood as long as we don't give up.

If you're a mom and affected by what other people say, remember that you're exactly where you need to be and you're doing a great job! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!


Thursday, 17 August 2017

Yu Yee Oil Goodness

When I think back on my experience preparing for our firstborn's arrival in 2013, I can't help but cringe because I literally wanted to buy everythinggg! I bought so much baby stuff back then which in the end, didn't really use at all. However, since my first born Juhd until my third baby Khair, one product that I simply MUST HAVE for all my babies(and for more mommy sleep time! LOL) is Yu Yee oil cap limau.

Obviously newborn babies(i mean babies in general) drive you crazy can be a handful. If they're not sleeping or latching on your boobs, they're either pooping or crying. No one likes a cranky baby. Babies get really cranky when they're bloated, but they can't tell you that so they just crycrycryy. Yu Yee oil cap limau is my lifesaver you guys! Whenever my kids, either Khair, Qomar, or Juhd tiba tiba sakit perut or kembung perut, Zasssssssssssss supermama to the rescue sapu Yu Yee oil terus lega! Kadang2 supermama ni pun guna kat diri sendiri kalau masuk angin! Keluar segala angin lepas tu.  It feels SOOOO good.

When applying the Yu Yee oil on my kids, I usually do it right after their bath, and a lot of times after a diaper change because even if they're not bloated, it helps to keep them comfortable and happy all day long. Happy baby = happy mommy. Cranky baby = cranky mommy. 

OK so when applying the Yu Yee oil, I wash and dry my hands first(y'know just in case of curry or sambal belacan) then I put a few drops of the oil on the palm of my hands. Rub both hands together until heat is felt.

Next, I stroke the babies belly using my palms. if you want extra relief for your baby, drip a few more drops on your palm and rub both of your hands together again. Then, stroke the soles of your child's feet with your palms. For even more comfort, drip a few more drops on your child's back and rub it gently. This can prevent from bloating and discomfort. See, Khair terus lega bila kene sapu dengan Yu Yee oil dekat perut! Muka lega sangat fuhhh.

Khair super relieved and refreshed after some Yu Yee oil goodness. His face just says it all!;D
For first time mommies especially, you should really put Yu Yee oil cap limau on top of your list of baby-must-haves! Ada dijual di mana mana kedai dan farmasi berdekatan! 

Till then!

Friday, 17 March 2017

The Zaahara

So I've been using this telekung Sofia from The Zaahara Telekung since september last year. I love this telekung so much because it's small, compact, and convenient to bring and squeeze in any of my bags(super fuss-free!). The brand is designed by Malaysians, so of course it's made to suit our hot weather. Using lightweight material, it's definitely cooling and comfortable to wear while praying anywhere, be it outdoors or indoors. Although compact, it's still suitable for ladies as tall as 170 cm. Oh and I'm 39 weeks pregnant now but it still fits me well.

The telekung comes in this cute travel bag that you can bring anywhere in style, especially when you're on the go. Be careful if you have a daughter though, she might make it her handbag like my little Qomar did! LOL.

The telekung also comes with an adjustable string for a better and neat fit to your face. The material is light but not at all see-through. It has a cute leaf design on it too. Less is always more! Whats better than praying in complete comfort and feeling our best in front of our Creator, right?:)

You can get one of these telekungs for yourself too! Just check out any of the links below for more choices of telekungs and updates:

Instagram : @thezaaharatelekung

Till then!

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The dUCky

So many people have been asking for this scarf tutorial on instagram. Since I suck at making and editing videos, here's a pictorial of the style I like to call 'The dUCky'. Why? Becuase I usually wear this style when I'm wearing a dUCk scarf.

Most of my scarves are about 2.0 meters long but duckscarves are a little shorter so for me, this would be the best style to wear if you want more coverage for shorter/smaller scarves. But make sure it's an opaque scarf, otherwise your neck and hair would be exposed. If you're using a chiffon scarf for this style, make sure you wear an inner scarf/ninja scarf inside. Mmmkay?:D

1. Place the scarf on your head with one side shorter and one side longer than the other. Pin the shorter side to the inner scarf at the corner area of your jawline or near to the ear area(which ever is more comfortable for you) .

2. Using a needle pin/ball head pin (jarum peniti), pin and secure the scarf on the other side of your jawline/below ear area.

3. Take the long part of the scarf.

4. Bring the longer side of the scarf to the back.

5. Bring it across the shoulder.

6. Pin the edge to your shoulder using a brooch.

7. Adjust the other side accordingly and pin using brooch to get a neat finish.

8. What it looks like from side view.

9. Tadaa! All done:)

Hope you guys enjoyed this simple tutorial. Leave your thoughts in the comments section!:D

Till then!

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

A New Milestone

Juhd is turning 4 this year and just in case you didn't know, he has Autism and is currently non-verbal. Today we had a breakthrough moment at the playground. As a child with autism, it is extremely difficult for Juhd to understand simple concepts and instructions, including facial expressions or gestures. Unlike neurotypical children, Juhd does not imitate what his parents/people around him do, which is an very important skill to have(like eye contact) in order to develop good communication skills.

Today after trying for a long time, he actually started imitating one of the many things I've been teaching him which is counting using his fingers. The very fact that I got his attention(focus) and that he managed to imitate the hand gestures was a huge accomplishment. I know this sounds so normal for other parents, but to me it was a breakthrough moment. I burst into tears right after recording this. Only God knows how happy I was for him that day. As a mother, to see your child make progress is one the best feelings in the world, truly no words can explain except all praises to Allah. <3